September 1

Week 7 Reflection

The most exciting thing this week was the grade 6 weerona football day. Our team won in both Football and Netball.

I am looking forward to the Class Party on Friday.

Monday was good. My favourite part of Monday was sport.

Tuesday was even better. My favourite part of Tuesday was golden child in P.E.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were really fun. I am looking forward to the party were having on Friday.

August 18

The Roads End

The Roads End is a short film. It was made in 2011 by Bri Meyers. Grade 5/6 B viewed this short video in class. Overall, The Roads End is a Mysteriously creepy short 2 minute movie.

The Roads End Begins with a guy on the side of the road getting picked up by a  person driving by. After that they start to drive. Then at the end the car goes flying off a cliff.

I thought The Roads End was a good film with good graphics and great background music. I thought a negative of this film was that the story line didn’t make sense and the film was way to short.

In a Nutshell, The Roads End is a short scary film. They need to make it longer though. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Go and watch it for yourself and you’ll get what I meen.

August 11

Reflection Week 4

Hello everyone,

My favourite thing this week was Golden child on Monday and Tuesday.

I learnt how to write a precedure about how to make a paper plane.

I want to learn more about precedure writing because i’m not the best writing a precedure.

Something important I need to share about this week is the precedure about the paper plane.

I rate this week 8/10 because of the sport and writing this week. It wasn’t the best week though.

December 1

100 Word Challenge Week #13

One day I was walking down the street when a tornado appeared in front of the marketplace. It had a wide orange tail already in it which I guessed was a crocodile tail. I hid within the Marketplace in fear. I decided that I would try to run to the gas station which was on the other side of the street. As soon as I left my hiding spot I was sucked up by the tornado. I collapsed in the tornado. I woke up 12 hours later in a hospitable in bad condition. I had a broken spine.

That’s my day.

November 22

William Hooley

William was born in 1823 in Leicestershire. He is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. He was known for finding gold on the Steiglitz gold-fields.

William had several brothers and sisters. His sister Elizabeth came out to Australia first with William and Isaac following not long after. Their youngest brother Henry came out 10 years later when he was 12 years old. William was named after his father and his mothers name was Mary Madden.

William married Frances Brown in Geelong and they had twelve children. His oldest son William Hooley, was a Miner also and died of Cancer in 1891.

He applied for a Publicans license at the Geelong and Ballarat Hotel. William did that till 1862 when someone else took over.  After the Eureka Stockade, William Hooley helped hide Peter Lalor from the troopers in a mine shaft. In 1855, he found gold in Steiglitz with his companion, Joseph Davis. William Hooley was one of the first Miners at Ballarat and was reported to be one of the first men to get a miners license there. He later mined in the Lal Lal gold-fields. His two brothers, Isaac and Henry both were miners and both found Gold. Hooley’s brother, Isaac is in a exhibit in the Ballarat Museum.

He died in 1880. His wife, Frances Brown died in 1912. Williams death was announced in a little part of a 1880 newspaper article.


October 25

100 Word Challenge Week #8

The old gingerly cat was laying on the ground sleeping however the yellow chubby cat was running around crazily. It was really remarkable to see. Then I discovered there was another cat lying under the couch. As I went to get the cat under the couch I felt a sharp claw stab me on the leg. The yellow chubby cat was trying to stop me from getting the cat under the couch. It really hurt. Later I found out that the cat under the couch was the worlds craziest cat. Thank you for stopping me yellow chubby cat.

The End.

October 18

100 Word Challenge Week #7

Noooo! The man screams as the giant robotic spider stomps on him. As I sat there on one of the hundreds of cinema seats I wondered how they’d made such a great movie. Then when the movie ended I decided that I would make a movie just like that one. When I got home I started collecting all the cameras we had at home but there were only 4. After I’d got all the cameras I started to get props and other stuff I could use as the background. Then when I got all that ready, we started. Lights, Camera, Action!

October 11

100 word challenge week #6

As I opened the safe door I felt really proud in myself that I’d broken into a bank and got away with it. When I’d opened the safe door I was really surprised of what was in there. There was, of course, money and gold, but there was also a half-eaten chocolate bar, a broken table and a very weird piece of material. I decided I’d pick up the random stuff and put it in the corner. As I picked up the weird material the material felt like dirt. I was so weirded out I ran away with the money.